your partner for needle punching technology

Tobias Grüll-Pillwein


specialized in manufacturing needle boards, bed plates and stripper plates

for various brands of needle loom.

Therefore we can supply you with high quality ECOBOARDS - needle boards made of aluminium alloy or magnesium alloy, covered with polyurethane.

The crank side can be grooved to straigthen the needle cranks. The needle boards are either manufactured with special thread inserts to fix the boards with bolts or they are prepared for pneumatic clamping.

highest quality materials

we supply you with bed plates and stripper plates made of steel

as well as stainless steel with needle holes drilled either zylindrical or conical.

ability to create needle pattern reconstructions

A new needle pattern can be designed with a computer simulation to produce new products or increase the quality with the existing Equipment.

we provide a team of experts to perform on site installation.

We provide a team of skilled and experienced technicians on-site to guarantee a frictionless installation and service of your equipment.

felting needles

felting needles for various tasks.

removal tools

consisting of a handle part and a changeable working part.

The working parts are available in two sizes small (30 - 43 gg) and large (19 - 25 gg)

velour brush segments

The core is made of glass filled plolyamide. The white crimped bristels with a standard length of 20 mm are available in 2 sizes:

diameter 0,20 mm (to be used for velour felt up to 400 gr/m²)

diameter 0,25 mm (to be used for heavier felts)